Enjoy The Outdoors And More in Hood River Oregon

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Hood River is a great place to visit in Oregon, especially if you are visiting Portland in this state. Among the attractions of this city is the great outdoors as well as great beer to be found in the varied breweries in this town. Among the less travelled cities in the country, Hood River can definitely come on your list.

One of the beautiful features of this region is Columbia River gorge. Located in the Pacific Northwest, it is a winding stretch that is sandwiched between areas of dense forests, waterfalls and towering cliffs. With this winding river in the vicinity, the town flaunts a hilly landscape and a Rockwellian flavor, akin to being a backyard in Portland. Indeed, after visiting the bustling city of Portland it would be an ideal spot to come to unwind.

The town is located on the shores of the river where the foothills of Mount Hood are found. As a result the outdoor recreational opportunities are several. Whether you love to hike, bike, kite surf or ski in winter, you can do all this and more in Hood River town. The town is not devoid of a bustling city center though. With traffic of Portland that infiltrates this region and a growing commercial district, it has the right mix of fresh air and a fraction of city life.  An old friend, Brandon, who runs www.southernstarroofing.com in Charlotte, has visited Hood River a couple times and has always commented that the outdoors and scenery here are among the best in the United States, a hidden gem worthy of visiting for sure.

As a visitor to this town, you will want to explore the several breweries around town, each offering unique flavors and brews to taste and savor. Double Mountain, Logsdon Farmhouse, pFriem, Full Sail are some of the several breweries in town.

Columbia River Gorge is worth discovering here, being a nature preserve that has a gorge, akin to a canyon to spans 80 meters is 4000 feet in depth.

Plan a visit to the History museum of Hood River County when you have time and wish to take a break from the outdoor activities. It is a relaxing place to check out the history relics and artifacts that reflect on the region, its history, culture and tradition.

Another delightful place to plan a day out with your friends and family is the Hood River waterfront park. This community area with a river beach is a perfect place to enjoy watercraft rides as well as picnic by the picnic tables as you spend your day here.

San Sebastián, Spain is a Top Destination For Tourists

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This city is located few miles from France. You will come across immense of the cathedrals, beaches and several other things here. The international film festival also takes place in this city of Spain only. It has its own language and culture which is unique from others.

Buen Pastor Cathedral: Cathedral worth to visit

The cathedral is the landmark which reaches 245 feet in the sky. The construction of the church started in the year 1888. The construction of the church took place for 9 long years. It has Gothic style and is the best church located in San Sebastian. Visitors praise it a lot when compare the interiors with other contemporary church.

Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian: Best aqauriums in the entire Europe

If you are visiting Europe, then you must visit Aquarium Donostia. It allows the visitors to get the closer look of the marine life. There are immense of the aquariums in this place with almost 200 species of marine life. They swim all over the water.  The museum started in 1928 with a whale skeleton.

Plaza De La Constitucion: The most hap place in San Sebastian

This is the nerve center, which organizes special feasts on holidays and other days as well. Visitors look for the numbers facing towards the windows. It is the venue for bull fighting and marks the number seats. It was constructed in the year 1817 post the fire broke the city.

Miramar Palace: Place for Spanish royal family

The palace is situated on La Concha Ba shore. It is the known spot for those who wanted to spend summer vacations. The palace was established in 19th century. It has a monastery and gives best appearance and was designed all by the English architect. The place has seen several changes from its origin.

Peine Del Viento: Discover various sculptures

Peine del Viento means Combination of Wind. This place has several sculptures and is located towards the end of Ondarreta beach. The work is considered as the popular work by Eduardo Chillida. The entire sculpture comprises of rocks and the holes pass through the noise.

Seville, Spain is a True Wonder Of The World

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If you want to immerse yourself in the wonders of the world, then there is no other place better than Seville. The place comprises of ancient lanes, street food, Spanish lifestyle, and the city is absolutely welcoming.

El Centro: Step in to make purchase of beautiful goods

If you are desperate to shop for Spanish products then El Centro is the right place to fit in. Here you will come across leather products which are best for embroidery. The street comprises of names of known designers. You can eat here and discover incredible structures of the globe.

Santa Cruz: The busiest tourist spot

One of the busiest places of Spain is Santa Cruz. It has narrow lanes with immense of the white buildings and several paved streets.  Also, it is surrounded by vast cathedral too. 

Triana: Stuffed with stylish aesthetics

This place is created with blue tiles made of ceramic. It is not just stylish but unique as well. The place gives best feeling. It has unique as well as strong identity. The blue tiles are made of mud which is collected from the river and worked with hands from the district around there.

Arenal: The port where ships arrive and move

If you are in love with ships then it is worth to get access to the Arenal port. It is busy port where you can experience tapas as well as bars. Several visitors are attracted to the place. It has artistic value, offer macabre art and so on. The area all around the river generates leather goods.

La Macarena: The best place to hang out


This place is a hub for vintage shops as well as different sorts of bookshops. If you are foodie then this place is worth to select. You can try tasting paella and potatoes. The place is loaded with young crowd. You can spend hours and hours chatting with your friends here.

San Marcos And Its Quirky Texas Vibes

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Want to visit a quirky town in Texas? Head over to San Marcos that is near Austin. Indeed, many who seek cheap rent as well as a laid back lifestyle have moved to San Marcos. It has obtained the nickname of being a hippie town of the state and for good reason. From live music found in most bars here to Texas State University bringing in a bustling student community, the cultural vibes of this place are unique.

Besides the artists, musicians who form the local community as well as retired veterans, you will find much of the city landscape unique for the natural beauty as well as historic landmarks to be found here. Being in the Texas Hill Country, the San Marcos River runs by the city which is a great destination for water activities. If you are visiting here from Austin, you simply need to come by the 85 mph toll road that links this region to Austin and San Antonio.

You can also drive by the road that has some of the best wineries of the state such as Driftwood Estate and Duchman. This town is also known to offer some of the best barbeque treats in the region. Stop by popular joints such as Smitty’s, Kreuz’s, Black’s and Salt Lick.

As a visitor here you will enjoy hopping at the San Marco outlet malls. These comprise of two distinct malls, the Tanger Factory outlet and the Premium Outlets.

Head over to the Rio Vista Park that has plenty of green space along with trails, pools and courts. Here the 14 acre park has a swimming pool, sports courts and biking or hiking trails.

Stokes Park is a riverside park that is popular for picnics and has walking trails that are by the river, making them a pleasure to discover.

When you are here on holiday with your children they are sure to enjoy the several parks in town. There is a dedicated park as well that has a big playground with different equipment as well as water activities that they can enjoy on the river.

Remarkable Places To Visit When You Are In Kyoto

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Kyoto was once the capital of the country and is still an idyllic representation of the country and all it represents. As a traveler you will experience the unique charm that the city has to offer, from the back streets to its historic landmarks which showcase the formation of a tradition and culture that remain alive in the people here even today.

Kyoto has several landmark areas to visit so ensure that you plan your itinerary accordingly to check them all out. For instance, the geisha district of this city is renowned and so is the green tea or matcha products which come in interesting forms, from hot lattes to ice creams, frappes, parfaits and more.

It is the seventh largest city of the country and it has a charming and pretty landscape as well, especially if you visit it in the period between March and April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Start by visiting the Fushimi Inari Taira. This is an incredible shrine that has red tori gates in the thousands which cover a total distance of 4 kilometers. This stretch continues to Mt Inari that is a sacred place for the locals. Walking up the hill and seeing this religious shrine is one of the best things to do here.

Kyoto is known for several shrines, temples and natural scenery as well. You can opt to visit the bamboo forest which lies on the western outskirts of the city known as Arashiyama. This natural landmark is very popular and during the holiday seasons you will find yourself elbowing through the crowds here.

A natural place of worship that is unique is the Saiho-Ji garden of moss. This is a world heritage site as declared by UNESCO and one needs to reserve their visit by applying at least seven days in advance.

After you have visited these popular landmark places in this city, plan your evening itinerary as per your interest. Try the local eateries to experiment with food and taste something new every day during your stay here. Traveling around the city is convenient due to the public subway and transit systems.