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Boulogne-Billancourt – Discover Unique Architecture all around Here

Posted on 07 April 2019 by admin (0)

Discovering the different cities of France was a delight for me and one such city was Boulogne-Billancourt. This is located in the southwest part of Paris and you can get here easily by different kinds of the commute.

What I discovered about this town was its bourgeois history as well as an industrial past. At the same time, there is the architecture of the Avant-Gardist style that is well preserved around the city.

The Parcours Des Annees District

I took a walk around this area as the architecture here abounds of several modern landmarks that are unique. You will also find several buildings here that date back to the thirties; take a walk around Parc des Princes that is a football ground which now acts as a workshop for different architectural projects. Here you will also find examples of the works of several leading architects who have created unique studios and artist homes here.  

The Town Hall

Once you have walked around the district I mentioned above you can also take a trip to see the town hall. Known as Tony Garnier’s town hall, the way it is designed shows off the community wealth of the region.

Musée Albert Kahn

This is a museum I visited here and I recommend it to you as well. If you are here with family, they will particularly enjoy the gardens that surround this museum. I discovered that it was created and maintained by the Kahn family initially after which it became public property.

The Parc Rothschild

Last but not least, take a visit here as I did. I found it to be included in most of the local tour itineraries and hence, you will not have any problem finding this place. The chateau has expansive gardens around it and a lake that makes it a beautiful, outdoor space to be and relax in. At the same time, you get to see the mansion of the Rothschild family, one of the prominent families in this region.