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Esmeraldas: A Wonderful Beach Side City

Posted on 15 October 2019 by admin (0)

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Esmeraldas is an Ecuadorian city that has a unique cultural vibe, even though it has faced some political disturbances from time to time. At the time I visited the city was in a peaceful state which makes it ideal for travelers to visit and take in the sights and experiences that the city offers.

Attractions of the City

This city is considered a hot spot, not only for the Afro Ecuadorian culture, it represents but also due to the cultural vibes, such as marimba and other dance performances that can be seen here or the waterfront at Las Palmas that offers great views along with eateries ideal for seafood lunch along with several cocktail bars.

Places to Visit

I discovered that Playa de Las Palmas is the best place to walk around and spend a day; the boardwalk by the beach is made attractive with several retail and restaurants. I also stopped by the Parque Infantil Roberto Luis Cervantes is a historic park here that is well maintained with several walking and hiking trails and activities for children and families.

I also took a trip to the Cloud Forest of Mindo. It is one of the most popular trips close to this city that is located in the northwest region of the Andes and is by the Nambillo reserve. There are several nature-based activities to do here such as enjoy a butterfly farm, taste chocolate that is made here, go bird watching, take a hike by the waterfall, go ziplining and visit a coffee museum.


I also stopped by several eateries here. One restaurant, Parrilladas El Toro is a steakhouse that specializes in chops and beef; Oh! Mar is an open beach side restaurant that has wonderful seafood dishes on the menu. La Tunda is another cafe which has an Italian menu as well as outdoor seating.