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Londrina – A Tranquil Winter Getaway

Posted on 20 January 2019 by admin (0)

Londrina is a gem of a city located in the Southern Region of Brazil. From the earlier days, the city has been a major commercial center known for its German, British, and Japanese settlements. Agriculture is the major occupation in the city which is popular for its horticulture and diversified fruit plantations. Some of my best days in Brazil were spent in Londrina and the city has some great attractions for every type of tourist. Listed below are the 3 major attractions of the city.

  • Lake Igapo

Lake Igapo is the most beautiful site in the city. It is made of 4 man-made lakes that are connected with each other. There is a lot of greenery all over the place and offers a relaxing location for hours of hiking or a simple stroll by the lakeside. There are many biking trails surrounded by large trees. The place also offers some amazing views of the skyscrapers on the other side.

  • Godoy Woods State Park

If you enjoy natural scenic attractions like, you should definitely visit Godoy Woods State Park. Here you can find some forested natural trails that are undisturbed by man. It is a gem of a place for those who like to explore deep into the woods. Besides lush green paths lined by tree groves, the place has some well-kept landscapes with recreation facilities for tourists. We trekked for over an hour and came across some beautiful gardens and open spaces that are ideal for kids as well.

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral


The cathedral to be one of the busiest churches in the city. The construction is fairly modern and has lots of woodwork. The glass facade is colorfully designed and depicts an image of Jesus. The interiors are made of shiny wooden structures and are quite different from the usual architectural techniques used for making churches.