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Nazareth – a City that Preserves the Jesus Era

Posted on 17 July 2019 by admin (0)

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Nazareth was a city that I had to include in my list since it offers much insight into biblical history. This Israel city is an old one that holds onto to its historic past and has several landmarks and sites that reveal much about Mary’s bearing of her child, different places that Jesus was at, prayed, studied and how life was in that era.

Places to Visit


  • Basilica of the Annunciation


This was the church that I visited first, known to be the domed structure where many believe is where Mary was informed by angel Gabriel that she would be bearing a child. Built in 1969, it is where the Annunciation took place.


  • St Joseph’s Church


This was the next site which was an interesting place for me since it retains how the carpentry workshop of Joseph was. It was also built on a historical site, the Romanesque revival style that reflects the old churches and their architecture in 1914.


  • Mount Precipice


This place proved to be a scenic mountain tour as well as a historic religious site which is thought to be the place from where a mob planned to throw off Jesus. The peak is at a height of 395 meters and with panoramic views.


  • Nazareth Village


I enjoyed visiting this museum as well which retains a village scene depicting how people lived in the time of Jesus.


  • Greek Orthodox Church


This church is another landmark structure here that has a subterranean chapel; I was impressed with the architecture as well as the underground spring here that is a must-see for all travelers.


  • Eateries to Stop by


There are several places where one can stop by to enjoy local fare. Abu Ashraf is a coffeehouse that is an old timer here; enjoy sweet pancakes here that are with cinnamon walnuts, goat’s cheese as well as coffee that is made from a mix of different beans. Alreda is a restaurant that is housed in a mansion that is 200 years old. Avra was another café restaurant I visited that served Palestinian and Greek dishes.