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San Sebastián, Spain is a Top Destination For Tourists

Posted on 24 July 2018 by admin (0)

This city is located few miles from France. You will come across immense of the cathedrals, beaches and several other things here. The international film festival also takes place in this city of Spain only. It has its own language and culture which is unique from others.

Buen Pastor Cathedral: Cathedral worth to visit

The cathedral is the landmark which reaches 245 feet in the sky. The construction of the church started in the year 1888. The construction of the church took place for 9 long years. It has Gothic style and is the best church located in San Sebastian. Visitors praise it a lot when compare the interiors with other contemporary church.

Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian: Best aqauriums in the entire Europe

If you are visiting Europe, then you must visit Aquarium Donostia. It allows the visitors to get the closer look of the marine life. There are immense of the aquariums in this place with almost 200 species of marine life. They swim all over the water.  The museum started in 1928 with a whale skeleton.

Plaza De La Constitucion: The most hap place in San Sebastian

This is the nerve center, which organizes special feasts on holidays and other days as well. Visitors look for the numbers facing towards the windows. It is the venue for bull fighting and marks the number seats. It was constructed in the year 1817 post the fire broke the city.

Miramar Palace: Place for Spanish royal family

The palace is situated on La Concha Ba shore. It is the known spot for those who wanted to spend summer vacations. The palace was established in 19th century. It has a monastery and gives best appearance and was designed all by the English architect. The place has seen several changes from its origin.

Peine Del Viento: Discover various sculptures

Peine del Viento means Combination of Wind. This place has several sculptures and is located towards the end of Ondarreta beach. The work is considered as the popular work by Eduardo Chillida. The entire sculpture comprises of rocks and the holes pass through the noise.