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Seville, Spain is a True Wonder Of The World

Posted on 12 July 2018 by admin (0)

If you want to immerse yourself in the wonders of the world, then there is no other place better than Seville. The place comprises of ancient lanes, street food, Spanish lifestyle, and the city is absolutely welcoming.

El Centro: Step in to make purchase of beautiful goods

If you are desperate to shop for Spanish products then El Centro is the right place to fit in. Here you will come across leather products which are best for embroidery. The street comprises of names of known designers. You can eat here and discover incredible structures of the globe.

Santa Cruz: The busiest tourist spot

One of the busiest places of Spain is Santa Cruz. It has narrow lanes with immense of the white buildings and several paved streets.  Also, it is surrounded by vast cathedral too. 

Triana: Stuffed with stylish aesthetics

This place is created with blue tiles made of ceramic. It is not just stylish but unique as well. The place gives best feeling. It has unique as well as strong identity. The blue tiles are made of mud which is collected from the river and worked with hands from the district around there.

Arenal: The port where ships arrive and move

If you are in love with ships then it is worth to get access to the Arenal port. It is busy port where you can experience tapas as well as bars. Several visitors are attracted to the place. It has artistic value, offer macabre art and so on. The area all around the river generates leather goods.

La Macarena: The best place to hang out


This place is a hub for vintage shops as well as different sorts of bookshops. If you are foodie then this place is worth to select. You can try tasting paella and potatoes. The place is loaded with young crowd. You can spend hours and hours chatting with your friends here.